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PAX Virtual Travel Show wrap up!

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  •   11-25-2015  10:33 am

PAX Virtual Travel Show wrap up!

The PAX Virtual Travel Show, the first of its kind in the Canadian market, provided an online interface which allowed suppliers and travel professionals to meet and talk shop from anywhere in the country with the click of a mouse.

Thanks to the feedback of the show's guests, and participation levels that exceeded expectations, the show has proven to be highly successful and effective tool for the travel trade community.

In addition to receiving networking and professional development opportunities, participants of the show were also given the chance to win great prizes.

We’re pleased to announce that Azmina Thobani and Sue Archer, were the lucky winners of two giveaways!

Sue Archer

Azmina Thobani of All Points Travel & Cruises in Calgary is the lucky recipient of the Apple Watch, and Sue Archer of Marlin Travel in Ladysmith, B.C. will enjoy a return flight from Vancouver to Frankfurt, Germany, courtesy of Condor Airlines, for their participation in the PAX Virtual Travel Show, which took place on Oct. 14-16, 2015.

Thobani, a travel expert, will receive an Apple Watch as part of a prize draw available to guests who registered early and attended all three days of the show.

Thobani specializes in cruises to the South Pacific, and says she was eager to attend as many keynote webinars as she could, but was kept too busy to attend them all.

“It was a great idea,” she told PAX upon hearing that she’d won the watch. “Timewise, a virtual travel show is [ideal], compared to a live show.”

Archer, a master cruise counsellor and travel consultant, has won two round-trip flights to Frankfurt in Condor German Airlines' premium class.

Archer, who specializes in travel throughout Canada as well as trips to Bavaria, said she was "up in the clouds" after hearing about her big win. "I'm super excited about my exceptionally good fortune," she said.

"Thank you so much for everything you have done, and are doing for me!"

Following the show, Logimonde Media conducted a survey using our platform in order to evaluate the overall performance of the show, and have compiled some valuable visitor information with the results:

Overall, the comments and insights provided indicate that participants enjoyed the experience of a “virtual trade show”, with 84 per cent of those polled reporting that they liked the use of the platform and found it easy to navigate. Many visitors stated they would attend again in the future, with more than 87 per cent saying that they would be interested in participating in a Virtual Travel Show in 2016. 

Logimonde wants to take this opportunity to thank all those who participated in our very first Virtual Travel Show.

See you again next year!