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PAL completes inaugural AC Express flight between St. John’s & Halifax

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  •   07-05-2023  9:32 am
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PAL completes inaugural AC Express flight between St. John’s & Halifax
(PAL Airlines)
Pax Global Media

PAL Airlines and Air Canada jointly completed the inaugural PAL Airlines operation of an Air Canada Express flight over the weekend.

The flight on Saturday (July 1) operated between St. John's International Airport and Halifax Stanfield International Airport, according to a press release.

This inaugural section was the first flight operated under a newly-completed commercial agreement signed between the two carriers to boost regional service in eastern Canada. 

The commercial agreement will see PAL Airlines acquire up to six additional Dash 8-400 aircraft to be progressively introduced into service on behalf of Air Canada for a term of up to five years.

This is the most recent in a series of agreements achieved between the two carriers which have built connectivity and enhanced regional travel options in eastern Canada through the addition of PAL Airlines as an Aeroplan partner, the achievement of an interline agreement that allows for seamless customer connections between the two networks, and the sale of certain PAL flights on aircanada.com.

"We're tremendously excited to be working together with Air Canada to collaboratively develop and strengthen regional travel options across eastern Canada," said Calvin Ash, president of PAL Airlines. "This most recent agreement preserves the existing PAL Airlines commercial network, substantially expands our airline operation, and supports our long-held strategy of building our business by staying attuned to the markets we serve. The inaugural flight that took place this weekend marks the start of an exciting new chapter for PAL Airlines, and a substantial step forward in our commercial relationship with Air Canada."

"PAL Airlines has a reputation as a strong operator and this agreement will allow us to provide added stability to our already extensive regional operations in eastern Canada. Our partnership will be beneficial for local communities as air connections support economic activity and tourism while keeping families and friends connected," said Mark Galardo, executive vice-president of revenue and network planning at Air Canada.

Routes operated by PAL Airlines, on behalf of Air Canada, are run in addition to the existing PAL-scheduled and charter network throughout Eastern and Atlantic Canada. 

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