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Knee Defender dispute diverts United flight

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  •   08-28-2014  11:15 am

Knee Defender dispute diverts United flight

A small device which can give airline passengers more legroom was the cause of a recent in-flight dispute that diverted a United Airlines plane to make an unscheduled stop.

Introduced in 2003, the Knee Defender clips on to the back of an airline seat and prevents the traveller in front from fully reclining. The product is in the spotlight after a dispute between two passengers, one of whom was using the product, took place on a United Airlines flight between Newark and Denver last weekend. The flight was diverted to Chicago where the two passengers were removed by authorities. Neither was charged in the incident. United does not allow passengers to use the Knee Defender on its flights.

In Canada, the product is prohibited by both Air Canada and WestJet, which states on its website that passengers are “not permitted to attach any unapproved device to any part of your seat or any other part of the aircraft,” specifically naming the product.

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