Tuesday,  June 18, 2019  1:27 pm

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Scene unfolds at London Gatwick after drones ground flights

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Scene unfolds at London Gatwick after drones ground flights
Photo: London Gatwick, Twitter
Christine Hogg

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All of London Gatwick's flights have been grounded after it was reported that several drones were flying over the airfield Wednesday night.

Speaking with PAX reader and BBC reporter Greg McKenzie, currently on scene at London Gatwick, PAX has learned that hundreds of passengers have been stranded at the gates for upwards of five hours. 

McKenzie has provided us with an exclusive On Location video, live from London Gatwick (above).

"Police believe it was two drones spotted at 9 p.m. last night close to the airfield here at Gatwick Airport," McKenzie told PAX. "That caused the closure of both runways until 3 a.m today, and at 3:41 a.m today another drone was spotted which has caused the huge problems we see today, and the runways closed again."

McKenzie continued:

"About 110,000 people have been affected this morning and some have been here since last night. Many tell me that they were stuck on the runway for five hours. Many are worried they won't make it home including two young guys from Toronto who were due to catch a connecting flight in Amsterdam which they have now missed. Flying drones close to an airfield in the UK is a criminal offence and carries a prison sentence of up to five years."

According to McKenzie, Sussex Police continue to investigate, and have taken to social media, asking for the public to name and shame those responsible. 

"Police think this was organized, and intentional," McKenzie said.

All flights continue to be suspended until at least 19:00 (GMT).