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Celebrating 1 year: OWG acquires Boeing 737-800 from Frank DeMarinis

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  •   08-06-2021  6:16 am
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Celebrating 1 year: OWG acquires Boeing 737-800 from Frank DeMarinis
The first Boeing 737-800 for OWG. (OWG/Supplied)
Pax Global Media

Quebec-based airline OWG celebrated its one-year anniversary recently by adding its first Boeing 737-800 to its fleet.

OWG, a division of Nolinor Aviation, purchased the aircraft from a “special purpose corporation wholly-owned” by Frank DeMarinis, who is CEO of H.I.S-Red Label Vacations Inc. (which operates TravelBrands).

The aircraft is expected to be in service in 2022 once its cabin has been modified to OWG's image and standards, OWG said in a release on Aug. 5.

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“This acquisition will provide a positive flying experience to more travellers allowing them to fly longer distances and support the creation of more than 20 specialized jobs,” the company said.

"Our team spent the past year planning this moment and we look forward to flying again when it will be safe to do so. With this new 737-800 aircraft, OWG will offer the HIGH LOVE experience towards more destinations. It is the next logical step for us,” stated Mr. Marco Prud'Homme, President of Nolinor Aviation.

For OWG, adding the 189-seat aircraft represents an opportunity to offer destinations further away than “what is currently possible,” the company said.

 Marco Prud'Homme, President of Nolinor Aviation. (Supplied)

“It also demonstrates the company's commitment to continued growth,” reads a statement.

"OWG will continue to reinvent the travel experience by ensuring that we always have the interests and needs of our travellers at heart," concluded Mr. Prud'Homme.

Mexico, DR, Jamaica

The news comes after the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA), last month, approved licences for OWG to operate international service (large aircraft) to three new destinations: Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica. 

In March, the CTA also granted Nolinor/OWG authorization to operate regular international services between Canada and the United States. 

So far, OWG (which stands for “Off We Go”) has only offered flights to Cuba, in a partnership with Caribe Sol / Hola Sun from Montreal and Toronto.

The company was only able to offer these flights briefly, start

ng in December 2020, before having to suspend its service due to the COVID-19 pandemic.