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Canadian Gateway offers Russian Grand Prix

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  •   08-19-2014  11:26 am

Canadian Gateway offers Russian Grand Prix

Canadian racing fans will have a chance to witness the first Russian Formula One Grand Prix this fall with travel packages offered by Canadian Gateway.

For the event, held between Oct. 10-12, the company is offering basic ground packages which include three-nights accommodation, breakfast, dinner and race tickets, starting from $799. VIP packages (Gold & Platinum) are also available. The company also provides airfare, transfers and sightseeing services. In addition, Russian Railways will provide free transfers by high-speed train between the airport, Sochi's major districts and Grand Prix hotspots.

International travellers attending the race will also be able to take advantage of a simplified visa procedure, in which those with tickets to the event will be able to bypass regular visa queues and will not be required to provide confirmation of a hotel booking.