Friday,  October 30, 2020  9:18 pm

Airports Council International condemns unnecessary quarantine measures

Airports Council International condemns unnecessary quarantine measures

Airports Council International (ACI) has condemned unnecessary quarantine measures that undermine passenger confidence. 

As such, ACI is calling on governments to instead take a proportionate, risk-based, science-backed approach.

Rather than imposing generalized quarantine measures, the international organization based in Montreal is asking governments to rely on effective testing protocols.

More specifically, ACI invites governments to:

  • avoid general quarantine rules;
  • implement effective screening protocols, before and after travel;
  • recognize duly issued health certificates;
  • support secure solutions for sharing health information (such as test results);
  • fully implement ICAO take-off health and safety protocols;
  • educate the public in collaboration with the travel and tourism industry.

The concept of travel bubbles

"A risk-based approach would support the concept of bubbles of travel, low-risk countries requiring no testing or quarantine, to travel between them," says Luis Felipe de Oliveira, global managing director of ACI .

According to ACI, while the impact of the current crisis has been devastating for the aviation industry, it is time to resume international air transport in a safe and efficient manner.

"Unilateral national measures, in particular a quarantine requirement, damage industry and passenger international air travellers are not assured that they will be able to return to their place of departure for continue their daily life," he said. 

ACI will request ICAO to develop recommendations based on real risks and endorsed by scientists and health experts.

Remember, in Canada, the quarantine order has been extended until at least until August 31st. 

The government has not yet made known its intentions after that date.

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