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Air Transat announces new special flights to repatriate Canadians

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  •   03-27-2020  4:53 pm
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Air Transat announces new special flights to repatriate Canadians
Pax Global Media

Air Transat has announced the deployment of special flights to Haiti and Honduras, as well as more flights to El Salvador and Guatemala in addition to those planned for Friday (March 27th).

The flights were planned in collaboration with the Government of Canada, the company stated in a release. 

“Ever since the tightening of international borders, our flight operations have been dedicated to repatriating travellers to their countries of origin,” said Jean-Marc Eustache, president and CEO of Transat. “Until the temporary suspension of our operations on April 1, we will continue to work tirelessly toward this single goal.”

The following rescue flights have been scheduled: 

  • Guatemala City to Montreal on Sunday, March 29th, aboard an Airbus A330-200.
  • San Salvador to Montreal on Monday, March 30th, aboard an Airbus A321-200.
  • Port-au-Prince to Montreal on Monday, March 30, aboard an Airbus A330-200.
  • Roatan to Montreal on Monday, March 30, aboard an Airbus A321-200.

Global Affairs Canada is coordinating the efforts for all Canadians wishing to return home aboard these special flights amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Canadians abroad are strongly encouraged to register with Global Affairs Canada by completing this form here

This will allow the Government of Canada to provide them with updated information as soon as it becomes available. 

Canadians who require emergency assistance are invited to send an email to sos@international.gc.ca.

“Ensuring the health and safety of Canadians both at home and abroad is our top priority,” the Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Foreign Affairs, stated. “We continue to work around the clock to provide all possible aid to Canadians stuck abroad due to the COVID-19 crisis. As part of these efforts, we are collaborating with Air Transat to facilitate flights for Canadians who wish to return home.”

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