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Air France's "Ready To Fly" service now available on 140 routes

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  •   01-26-2022  1:52 pm
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Air France's "Ready To Fly" service now available on 140 routes
"Ready to Fly" leads to quick processing times at the airport. (Air France)
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Air France continues to roll out its “Ready To Fly” service as it automates French vaccine pass verification on domestic flights. 

Ready to Fly, which allows customers to have their travel documents checked prior to their flight, is now available on 140 routes and 600 daily Air France flights.

For domestic flights, French vaccine pass verification is now automated and instantaneous. This check can be carried out online or directly at the Self-Service Kiosks on the day of departure.

Air France launched “Ready To Fly” in July 2021 as a free and optional service providing customers confirmation that they have the required health documents for their trip before arriving at the airport.

This service provides customers greater peace of mind and a more seamless travel experience, by avoiding multiple checks on the day of departure.

Ready To Fly has been deployed on:

  • All domestic flights in France and to/from Corsica and French Overseas Department
  • Flights to/from the United States, Argentina, Chile and Brazil
  • Flights from France to Germany, Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Gabon and Senegal
  • Flights to France on departure from Europe and Canada.

Since its launch, the service has been used by more tan 600,000 customers, the airline says.  

Automated service for domestic flights

Since Jan. 24, 2022, the vaccine pass has been mandatory on domestic flights in France for passengers aged 16 and over (excluding flights to/from Corsica and the French overseas departments).

To reduce the time required to process the submitted documents, Air France is replacing the manual verification of the vaccine pass with an automated check, ensuring customers travelling in France receive instant confirmation.

This feature is available a few days before departure, in the same way as with any other Ready To Fly document verification process – customers receive an email from Air France inviting them to upload their vaccine pass on a secure online platform.

Customers who have not used the pre-validation service can alternatively scan the QR code of their vaccine pass during check-in at a self-service kiosk at the airport on the day of departure. This service is currently available at Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Paris-Orly, Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier, Mulhouse, Nantes, Nice, Strasbourg and Toulouse.

This feature will be integrated in the online check-in process in the coming months.

The pre-travel validation of the vaccine pass will limit the number of manual checks required at the boarding gate, and improve flight punctuality.

Learn more about Ready To Fly here.

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