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Air Canada now has a coast-to-coast flight pass

Air Canada now has a coast-to-coast flight pass
Christine Hogg

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Air Canada has a solution for frequent travellers.

The company is offering a series of flight passes that can now be purchased by any valid Aeroplan member or travel agent. 

According to Air Canada's website, flight passes are a prepaid package of electronic one-way flight credits used for travel within a selected geographic zone during a specific period. 

A Flight Pass is comprised of a fixed or unlimited number of flight credits which can easily be managed online.

Air Canada currently has five different Flight Pass categories to choose from to meet the needs of frequent fliers: France & UK, Canada Coast-to-Coast, The Weekend Pass, Student Pass, and Flight Pass for Business Travel. From there, there are 44 different zones to select.

How does a flight pass work?

A Flight Pass owner or travel agent can manage bookings 24-7 through the Flight Pass self-service web portal. Click on “View/Manage My Flight Pass ”link located on the “Flight Passes” tab.

  • Redeem Flight Pass Credits up to two hours before departure
  • Make changes or cancellations
  • Track Flight Pass usage and booking history
  • Designate up to 10 administrators and travel agents
  • Manage travellers for multi-user Flight Passes
  • Process Free upgrades, for select Latitude Flight Passes

The majority of Flight Passes are valid for 12 months, with the exception of Promotional and Unlimited Flight Passes.

One flight credit is equal to a one-way trip per person including connecting flights.

The Flight Pass app ca be accessed here.

For more information on Air Canada's available flight passes, click here.

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