Tuesday,  July 7, 2020  3:39 pm

Air Canada, Transat & Sunwing flying to CUN this June? Not so fast, reps say

Air Canada, Transat & Sunwing flying to CUN this June? Not so fast, reps say

Media in Mexico have reported in recent days that flight operations to Cancun will soon resume as of June.

These outlets have relied on information from the Tourism Promotion Council of Quintana Roo, which cites that resorts have already begun to accept reservations, with the intention to resume operations from June 1st. 

In fact, the Tourism Promotion Council of Quintana Roo is on the verge of launching a special campaign (at the end of May) to promote the reactivation of the travel-tourism sector, particularly in the niche of congresses and weddings.

"Among the airlines that, through virtual meetings, have announced that they are resuming operations at Cancún International Airport, there are Air Canada (AC), Air Transat (AT), Delta Airlines, Copa Airlines , Air Europa, Sunwing, Southwest and Aeroméxico," stated Darío Flota Ocampo, director of the Tourism Promotion Council of Quintana Roo, quoted in various media.

But is this really the case?

But are AC, TS and SG really getting ready to resume their flights to CUN while travel restrictions remain in place? PAX asked them that very question.

At the very least, the issue seemed to surprise Sunwing

"I will have to investigate this information," said Marie-Josée Carrière, senior marketing director, Quebec, Sunwing.

Pascale Déry, director, media relations at Air Canada, confirmed that "for the moment," a resumption of service to Cancún from YUL and YYZ in June is actually scheduled. At the same time, she warned, that scheduling was not a guarantee that flights would indeed resume.

"The situation could change given the uncertainty and the travel restrictions that remain," she said, adding that she had not heard of the "virtual meeting" mentioned by the Mexican media.

Transat echoed the uncertainty expressed by Air Canada and Sunwing.

“Contrary to what is discussed in this article, nothing has been confirmed. We are currently working on different scenarios for the resumption of our operations, but no final plan has yet been established," said Debbie Cabana, director of marketing, social media and public relations.

Can paradise wait?

In short, the Tourism Promotion Council of Quintana Roo's enthusiasm for a “tourist renewal” seems a bit premature - at least as far as Canadian carriers are concerned.

That said, it is understandable that Quintana Roo is eager to revive the tourism industry, an essential economic engine for the state.

According to the Aeropuertos del Sureste (ASUR) group, which operates Aeropuertos del Sureste (ASUR), activities have fallen by 90 per cent at this airport, three of whose four terminals are currently closed.

According to the Cancún, Puerto Morelos and Isla Mujeres Hotel Association, the current occupancy rate is minimal, with some 44,000 rooms being vacated in more than 155 hotels.

The Tourism Promotion Council of Quintana Roo says that it is aware that, in anticipation of the recovery - "if possible, this summer" - new hygiene practices will have to be implemented in hotels, airports and state parks.

Until the launch of the special campaign announced for the end of May, the Tourism Promotion Council of Quintana Roo is continuing the "El paraíso puede esperar" (paradise can wait) campaign, which invites people to stay safe at home while waiting to reconnect travelling.

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