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Air Canada restores select Caribbean/Mexico, other int'l routes in May schedule

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  •   03-23-2021  10:37 am
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Air Canada restores select Caribbean/Mexico, other int'l routes in May schedule
Pax Global Media

In an effort to plan out a potential network this spring and summer, Air Canada has unrolled a limited future schedule, offering May flights to Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia Pacific, South America, and more routes to the United States.

The schedule comes as Canadian airlines, in corporation with the Government of Canada, still maintain a voluntary suspension of flights to Mexico and the Caribbean – an agreement that is in place until at least April 30.

In a statement to PAX, company spokesperson Peter Fitzpatrick said Air Canada has released an advanced schedule so that it has “lead time for marketing and selling seats in advance of flights.”

The options, currently, are limited, as one might expect.

Air Canada’s flights to Mexico and the Caribbean, starting in May, consists of just Mexico City (3x/week, starting May 3), Kingston, Jamaica (1 flight/week, starting May 5) and Barbados/Bridgetown (1 flight/week, starting May 9).

All flights are non-stop out of Toronto. (For further details, click here).

A further search of flights reveals more options beyond May, such as flights to Cancun from Montreal and Vancouver in June. 

Flights to Europe, the Middle East and India are also highlighted on Air Canada's website, with flights from Toronto to Zurich resuming on May 22.

Asia Pacific destinations are also offered, with flights to Tokyo/Narita (3x/week, resuming May 1) from Vancouver.

South America is also back on the schedule, with flights from Toronto to Bogota (3x/week) resuming May 7 and Toronto-São Paulo (3x/week) resuming May 6.

U.S. destinations are also set to return to Air Canada’s network, including Denver (1 flight/day, resuming May 21); Houston (1 flight/day, resuming May 21); Orlando (1 flight/week, resuming May 8); and Seattle (1 flight/day, resuming May 21).

Air Canada’s domestic schedule is also available

Visit Air Canada’s COVID-19 information hub here for more details.

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