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Air Canada installs automated carry-on baggage sizers

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  •   09-17-2021  9:59 am
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Air Canada installs automated carry-on baggage sizers
Air Canada has installed "automated carry-on baggage sizers" at YUL, YYZ and YVR. (AC)
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To allow passengers to determine if their carry-on baggage will fit onboard, Air Canada has installed "automated carry-on baggage sizers" prior to security checks at Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver airports. 

"These new, touchless machines are easier and faster to use than the metal sizers," reads a statement on Air Canada's website. 

The airline is still reminding customers to make sure their carry-on bag complies with established sizing measurements to avoid having to check carry-on bags at the airport. 

Regardless of the destination, passengers can bring on board one standard item and one personal item - passengers traveling with a baby on their knees are, however, entitled to an additional standard item for their child's personal effects.

On the left, a standard item; on the right, a personal article. Maximum dimensions include wheels & handles. (AC)

Although no weight restrictions apply to carry-on baggage, it must be light enough that the passenger can store it unaided in the overhead bins. 

Personal items that Air Canada has affixed a white label must be placed under the seat in front of them.

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