Saturday,  August 15, 2020  4:40 pm

Aer Lingus explains why it chose Montreal

Aer Lingus explains why it chose Montreal

Why exactly did Irish airline Aer Lingus choose a new direct connection between Canada and Ireland, specifically from Montreal? 

PAX spoke with Ruth Ranson, Aer Lingus' director of communications, to better understand the reasons for this business development.

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A year-round connection

 Unlike many airlines that begin service into Canada just for the summer, Aer Lingus and its route to Montreal are here to stay.

"Our Montreal - Dublin service will be performed on an Airbus A321 neo aircraft, which offers greater energy and financial efficiency, and this allows us to operate all year, especially since we want to open not only Ireland but also the rest of Europe to Quebecers, all year long," Ranson said. "We fly to 20 other destinations from our headquarters in Dublin, including six major French cities like Toulouse, Nice, Lyon, Bordeaux and Nantes."

 120,000 passengers planned

 This link will enhance Aer Lingus' operations by delivering an additional 120,000 passengers, the vast majority of whom depart from Montreal. Ranson indicates that the number of Canadian travellers to Ireland is twice as large as the opposite, even though the Montreal Tourism Board hopes that this new link will bring economic benefits to the economy.

Why AerLingus and not another carrier? 

"We are the only four-star airline in Ireland and one of the most profitable in the transatlantic segment," Ranson explained. "By being closer to the North American continent, our hub in Dublin allows to stop more quickly, rather than wait."

 Ranson also argues that AerLingus offers a la carte services and a range of rates advantageous to travellers wanting to maximize the value for their ticket. But what really sets the airline apart from other competitors serving Montreal-Trudeau Airport, according to her, is first and foremost Irish hospitality, which isn't like anything else!