Monday,  September 26, 2022  7:54 am

Vision Travel, CSI globalVCard announce Concur Compleat integration

Vision Travel, CSI globalVCard announce Concur Compleat integration

Vision Travel and CSI globalVCard have announced the integration of Concur Compleat to their single-use virtual card payments partnership.

Vision Travel places CSI globalVCard's virtual card numbers directly into Concur, automating and streamlining reservations.

"Vision Travel is committed to a personalized and responsive approach to the business of travel," said Brian Robertson, president, Vision Travel, Ontario-West. "This partnership advances our capabilities and gives corporate travel clients highly secure payments that are customized, controlled and easier to reconcile."

The integration solves the following issues:

  • Security – card numbers become invalid once the transaction is complete, offering elite security.

  • Compliance – only preauthorized purchases are processed, assuring budget compliance.

  • Control – spending limits and usage are controlled in real time with desktop or mobile devices.

  • Reconciliation – virtual card numbers are tied to specific transactions allowing reconciliation by traveler, trip or department.

Juliann Pless, SVP, globalVCard Travel commented, "Our integration with Concur Compleat allows Vision Travel to offer next level service by saving time and increasing the security of payments. It's exciting to play such a pivotal role in the expansion of virtual travel solutions into the Canadian market. We are looking forward to this evolving partnership with Vision Travel."