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VIDEO: "There’s nowhere we haven’t been": Flight Centre unveils 1st female captain

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  •   10-21-2021  5:46 am
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VIDEO: "There’s nowhere we haven’t been": Flight Centre unveils 1st female captain
Flight Centre Canada has introduced their first female captain, along with a team of co-captains, with the launch of a new tagline and brand campaign. (Flight Centre)
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Flight Centre Canada introduced their first female captain along with a team of co-captains on Wednesday (Oct. 20) with the launch of their new tagline Experience our experience, and brand campaign, There’s nowhere we haven’t been.  

With women making up the majority of both Flight Centre’s employee demographics and customer base in the leisure market, the company decided it was time for a change. 

“We recognized the need for a Captain to reflect who we are as a team and resonate with our diverse customer base.” said Michelle Suggett, vice-president of retail. “After more than 25 years of doing business in Canada, we are all so proud to introduce the first female captain in the Flight Centre Travel Group globally.”

Flight Centre’s new captain and the ten co-captains who join her are all active employees who put their hands up to be a part of the company’s brand refresh. 

(Flight Centre Canada)

Together they have accumulated 126 years of experience in the travel industry with 132 unique countries stamped on their passport pages.  

“These co-captains are just a small representation of our global ‘travel brain’. Flight Centre Travel Group is a worldwide team, and every single one of us is obsessed with, and knowledgeable, about travel,” said Suggett. 

The brand’s new tagline, Experience our experience, invites Canadians to get to know Flight Centre and to revisit their assumptions about the travel company. 

“We hope to deepen travellers’ understanding about who we really are and have always been: a diverse team of travel experts with a diverse range of travel services,” said Suggett.  

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