Friday,  September 29, 2023  1:21 pm Canada members positive about TL Network announcement Canada members positive about TL Network announcement
John Lovell, president of, and Christine James, vice-president, Canada, at a recent event.

As announced last month, is combining forces with Travel Leaders Associates and Results! Travel to become Travel Leaders Network, an announcement that has received positive feedback from member agencies across’s Canadian agency network.

Effective Jan. 1, 2017, the three brands will merge to form a mega-travel agency group – known domestically as TL Canada – with nearly 7,000 locations in the U.S. and Canada, 35,000 individual agencies and $22 billion CDN in annual sales.

“Since last month’s announcement, our Canadian members have responded positively, including a large number who are very enthusiastic as they recognize that this change enables them to operate their businesses more effectively, regardless of their model,” noted Christine James, vice president of Canada. “In addition to providing tangible benefits to our members, the move enables us to maintain our innovative positioning within the industry as our internal teams are able to collaborate as one. That in turn helps us continue our mission – ‘Belong. Inspire. Grow.’ – with added vigor.”

In little more than a month since the announcement was made, the initial reaction from members has been positive:

“As a member since May 2011 we were thrilled with the news about the TL Network integration,” said Deanna Byrne, president of The Destination Experts in Nova Scotia. “In today's competitive landscape, each consortium needs to be creative and diligent in adding new tools for their members. By combining forces, it allows for more services, technology and support for valued members. Additionally, AgentMate provides state of the art technology geared towards making agencies more organized and lessening the amount of data entry dealt with on a daily basis. It is the best platform available on the market and agencies will have access to this due to the consolidation of brands.”

“I have absolute confidence that members will embrace this growth and will enjoy the many new services and technology platforms available to them,” continued Byrne. “I strongly feel that TL Network Canada will be the consortium agencies will want to become a part of. TL Network Canada offers our host agency everything we need to be successful. Increasing revenue, adding technology and offering solutions is what every agency is looking for."

Agency owners wishing to learn more about becoming a member to take advantage of the organization’s tools, programs, and technology, can go to or