Monday,  September 26, 2022  8:00 am

TravelBound, Umapped announce strategic partnership

TravelBound, Umapped announce strategic partnership

TravelBound President James Phillips has announced a strategic partnership with Umapped that will bring TravelBound's content to Umapped’s collaborative itinerary management platform, transforming revenue and productivity for travel agents.

The first phase of the partnership allows travel advisors to import existing bookings into Umapped’s mobile platform for client use. The next phase will add booking capabilities for TravelBound products (hotel, transportation, and tours), helping travel advisors boost their sales.

Umapped’s proprietary technology consolidates all elements of the trip and analyzes traveler information in real-time to promote personalized content and offers, and provide opportunities for incremental sales for travel agents.

“Above any other sector, travel is constantly exposed to disruption by technology. But, fundamentally, technology is an opportunity to make life better for consumers, customers and suppliers,” said Phillips.

“For this reason, we have partnered with Umapped to apply their innovative technology to enable travel agencies to effectively engage with their customers whenever, wherever and through any channel at any time.

“With integration to Umapped’s experiential itinerary platform, TravelBound will deliver new opportunities that come from connecting the previously unconnected, to drive transactions and redefine the travel agent-traveler relationship,” he added.

The partnership aims to put the TravelBound products in the hands of travel professionals within Umapped’s collaborative itinerary solution, driving a better travel experience that will provide clients with itinerary and booking information, real-time updates, curated content and mobile messaging for agents to engage with their clients before, during and after the trip.

“TravelBound has been one of the top requested suppliers by travel agencies using Umapped, and we are thrilled to be working with the team to make their content available on our platform,” said Lisa Israelovitch, CEO of Umapped.

“Nearly every travel company today has put responsiveness and mobile at the center of their service and marketing strategy. Real-time communication, social interaction, mobile notifications, and personalized service have become essential tools that are changing travel management.

“Together with TravelBound, we believe we can give travel agents the tools to maximize the potential of mobile in-destination purchases and help them to become even more productive.”