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TPI exhibits a strong presence at Virtuoso Travel Week 2020

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  •   08-18-2020  11:30 am
  •   Pax Global Media

TPI exhibits a strong presence at Virtuoso Travel Week 2020
Pax Global Media

Travel Professionals International (TPI) showed a strong attendance at 2020's Virtuoso Travel Week conference, which was held recently. 

Virtuoso Travel Week 2020 was from Aug. 10 to 13 and, for the first-time-ever, was held in a virtual format amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The theme for VTW this year was the Value of Connections which truly captured the essence of the situation our industry is in. Participating in Virtuoso Travel Week is always so inspiring but this year, in particular, we have been able to participate in live digital sessions with industry-leading partners as well as expand our knowledge with relevant and inspiring Professional Development sessions that spur on the message of hope and optimism for the future of travel” said Caroline Hay, National Director of Sales, TPI. “In a time of so much uncertainty, it is so incredible to connect with partners, talk about new and interesting travel options and feed our passion for this incredible industry." 

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During the week TPI hosted a Virtual Cocktail party for its advisors. 

“It was not the same as the in-person connection, however; it was great to hear the stories of successful connections, and professional development training. With all signs pointing towards luxury travel being one of the first to rebound, our TPI Advisors are ready and armed with the information they need to assist their luxury clients in the future”, said Zeina Gedeon, CEO, TPI

 Now that Virtuoso Week has wrapped up, the learning doesn’t end. 

TPI said it will continue to engage their advisors with weekly professional development sessions ranging from training on business tools, marketing and social media strategies to supplier updates, as well as weekly national town hall sessions.

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