Thursday,  September 29, 2022  9:26 am

Toronto travel agent puts photo talent on display

Toronto travel agent puts photo talent on display
Gabriela Enriquez with some of her travel photography on display in Toronto
Blake Wolfe

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For Toronto-based travel consultant Gabriela Enriquez, travel presents not only the chance to experience a new destination first-hand but the opportunity to indulge a creative passion as well.

Enriquez welcomed friends, family and members of the travel industry last weekend to a gallery opening showcasing her collection of travel photography, drawn from both FAMs and personal trips. The gallery, which was on display at Toronto’s Annex Art Centre from May 13-14, featured Enriquez’s travel photography with a focus on Jordan, Cambodia, Myanmar, Mexico and Chile.

Enriquez, who is the director of Toronto’s Exotic Destinations travel agency, said that the work on display was drawn from her travels over the last three years, during which she developed her interest in photography with opportunities to capture scenes of both iconic destinations and quiet moments of daily life.

Following the gallery, some of the framed photos will be displayed in Exotic’s Toronto office, which Enriquez said will also assist in helping market destinations and travel packages to clients.

“My clients will be able to come in and see what I and the agency are doing,” she explained. “It helps promote the destinations and to get clients thinking of visiting places that are perhaps not so common.

“There’s so many agents and agencies and we’re all looking for different ways of promoting our services,” Enriquez added.