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TL Network honours Canadian Affiliate agencies at EDGE conference

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  •   10-21-2021  5:58 am
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TL Network honours Canadian Affiliate agencies at EDGE conference
From left: Kyle Oram, KVI Travel; Lola Vassiliadis, Cruise Holidays of Oakville; Carlton Montaut, Centre Holidays Inc. (Supplied)
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TL Network (TLN), on Oct. 20, announced the winners of its Canadian Affiliate member awards at EDGE (Educate, Discover, Gather, Evolve), the network’s 2021 international conference and trade show. 

All winners are TLN Canadian Affiliate agencies in good standing and were chosen by the consortia’s executives as examples of agencies embodying the attributes of their award.

“The global pandemic continues to affect travel advisors,” said Roger Block, president of Travel Leaders Network. “This year’s Affiliate member awards are given to those who are not only all-around excellent travel advisors, but also business owners who have persevered and thrived in various ways.”

LaSalle Travel Services, Inc., based in LaSalle, ON, was named the Champion of Supplier Partners. 

Owned by Jacqueline Mizon, this agency has gone above and beyond when it comes to supporting TLN’s preferred suppliers. 

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LaSalle Travel Services has not only actively promoted these suppliers but has been a tireless champion in encouraging other travel advisors to do so as well.

Victoria, BC’s KVI Travel was given the Member Engagement Star Award

This award recognizes an agency that has been a prolific user of TL Network’s vast sources of support, such as programs, tools and educational offerings. 

From left: Christine James, vice-president, TL Network Canada; Kyle Oram, KVI Travel. (Supplied)

The Member Engagement Star Award winner is expected to have leveraged these programs to successfully manage their business. KVI Travel is owned by Kyle Oram.

The Peer-to-Peer Service Award winner, Cruise Holidays of Oakville, located in Oakville, ON, has generously shared their time and knowledge with their fellow TLN members, TLN management and the travel industry. 

Lola Vassiliadis is the owner of Cruise Holidays of Oakville.

From left: Christine James, vice-president, TL Network Canada; Lola Vassiliadis, Cruise Holidays of Oakville. (Supplied)

Also known as the “MacGyver Award,” the Resourceful Response to 2020 Challenges winner has adapted to the numerous challenges COVID-19 brought to the travel industry. 

This agency worked hard to diversify their revenue sources, maintain excellent customer service and figure out innovative ways to reduce their business risk. The award was given to Dennis Laliberte of Newwest Travel in Edmonton, AB.

The 2021 President’s Award winner is someone who embodies each of the award attributes, in addition to showing sales success and being a top member of TL Network. Carlton Montaut of Centre Holidays Inc. in Mississauga, ON is this year’s honouree.

Christine James, vice-president, TL Network Canada; Carlton Montaut, Centre Holidays Inc. (Supplied)

“I am deeply proud of all the Affiliate Award winners,” said Christine James, vice-president, TL Network Canada. “This year more than ever, these agencies have fought through challenges that would have been unimaginable a few years ago. Our recipients have much to be proud of, and I know that they are on the road to continued success.”

Golden Legacy Award

Greaves Travel, a family run business with roots going back nearly a century, received the 2021 Golden Legacy Award, the highest honour bestowed by Travel Leaders Network.

The award recognizes extraordinary professionalism and commitment to both Travel Leaders Network and the travel industry. 

It was presented to Greaves executives Ian Cambata and Shahrookh Cambata. 

Greaves Travel is owned and operated by second- and third-generation members of the Cambata family. 

In 1928, they were pivotal in founding the Bombay Flying Club, building a fleet of aircraft for use across India. In the 1960s, their helicopters flew both The Beatles and Pope Paul VI.

From that beginning, the family has built a global travel management company.

The Cambatas acquired British company Greaves Travel in 1979 and expanded into marketing and ticketing. 

They opened their first office in North America in 1990, in Chicago, followed by more than a dozen locations across the United States and Canada.

Greaves joined Travel Leaders Group in 2013.  

Greaves Tours specializes in luxury trips to India and beyond, including Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, the Maldives and Indian Ocean islands with sustainable tourism in mind. 

The company also supports a variety of charities in India, from clean-water initiatives to orphanages and animal welfare.

EDGE (Educate, Discover, Gather, Evolve) is being held in person for the first time since 2019, drawing more than 1,400 travel advisors and partners this week to Loews Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Orlando. The conference concludes today (Oct. 21). 

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