Saturday,  June 25, 2022  6:16 pm

TDC's home-based agents explore destination weddings in Mexico

TDC's home-based agents explore destination weddings in Mexico
(From left) TDC agent@home Lori Kennedy inspects destination wedding sites with Michelle Armstrong, manager, groups & special programs, and Anita Stephens, TDC agent@home.

Transat Travel agent@home participants were among a group of Transat Distribution Canada (TDC) travel professionals attending an intensive week of training on destination weddings and wedding groups, as part of an exclusive TDC Academy in December.

The week-long event was hosted in Riviera Maya, Cozumel and Playa Mujeres which combined experiential, product and functional training for the agents, covering every aspect of destination weddings, TDC said.

The week included site inspections at Transat’s top wedding chains where agents had the opportunity to meet the resort wedding co-ordinators, visit the onsite wedding locations, and learn about their wedding packages. They also experienced a mock wedding including a ceremony, a private group dinner and a reception to experience a destination wedding first-hand.

There was also dedicated TDC destination wedding in-class training and workshops where agents learned about the ‘groups cycle.’

Lori Kennedy of TDC, a home based agent who attended the training, had this to say: “WOW! The mock wedding - what a surprise, it was so beautiful and you could tell just how much work went into the planning and the whole week.

“It was so beneficial to actually see the resorts and wedding setups in person to get the feel of them you cannot get from pictures alone. It was exactly what I needed to help me focus on what I need to do to get wedding bookings. I received some great tips and ideas by seasoned professionals. “

Another TDC home-based agent, Anita Stephens, also had praise for the experience: “Being able to see the many resorts offered by Transat and getting to speak and ask questions to the wedding planners and staff at each resort was an invaluable learning experience. That, coupled with the in-class training and getting to spend time with colleagues that possess a wealth of knowledge and experience, was a real game changer for me. It has given me the confidence to pursue group wedding business, and has opened my mind and career to new possibilities.”