Saturday,  October 1, 2022  4:39 pm

TDC wraps up regional conferences in Toronto

TDC wraps up regional conferences in Toronto
The TDC team wraps up another successful conference

In all, more than 1,000 Transat Distribution Canada (TDC) delegates, in three regions across Canada, joined together as part of the company’s annual regional conferences, with 250 of them gathering at the Sheraton Toronto Airport Hotel this past weekend for the final stop on the tour.

The verdict? “Overwhelmingly successful,” said Joseph Adamo, president TDC.

“We’ve had really positive feedback, from both participants as well as preferred partners, and that’s important to us because it’s two-way – it’s not just our conference, it’s a conference for everybody that’s involved and we’re hearing from both sides that they are extremely happy,” added Susan Bowman, vice president TDC.

“The TDC regional conferences are very important,” continued Adamo. “It is an amazing opportunity to network with like-minded professionals and reconnect with our teams. We often think of preferred partners as our product suppliers but at this forum, we showcased that 'being preferred' is about our relationship with our customers.”

DSC_0028.JPGSusan Bowman, vice president TDC, and Joseph Adamo, president TDC

And speaking of those customers, Adamo believes from a demographic point of view, TDC is particularly well-positioned for the coming years.

“Baby boomers are set to inherit a lot of money and they are entering their retirement years, which augers well – this is a traditional market segment that we’ve served well for decades," said Adamo. "But millennials are an emerging cohort and they’re interesting for a couple of reasons – one is they are about to overtake baby boomers in terms of their sheer size and, in a few years, their buying power, but more importantly, they are more inclined to travel than our other generations and also more inclined to call upon the services of travel professionals. So from a demographic point-of-view, we think we’re in a pretty good place – older and younger – and that is very promising for us.”

Along with the hearing from the TDC leadership team, key note speakers, educators and preferred partners over the course of the two-day conference – along with enjoying the great music, food and fun at Saturday night's dinner – delegates also got a look at the brand new website that TDC will be launching in November.

With a total of five booking engines, the new site is completely responsive with TDC agencies and travel consultants at the heart of the redesign.

“It’s really about making our locations and our people shine in the online space,” said Adamo. “It’s the perfect 24/7 complement to what we’re all about.”