Monday,  May 23, 2022  6:23 am

TDC teams up with Airnets

TDC teams up with Airnets

Transat Distribution Canada has partnered with Airnets International, a TDC affiliate agency member, to provide a unique suite of benefits exclusively for their members flight bookings.

“The financial health of the network is a priority at TDC, in fact it’s our mission statement”, said Joe Adamo, general manager, TDC. “We know that the air business has been affected by consumers buying directly from suppliers and from commission being cut or eliminated altogether. The opportunity to partner with one of our own members and build a comprehensive suite of benefits exclusively for all our members has been a year in the making”.

Airnets owner Sam Patel along with a team of TDC specialists developed a proprietary program to offer TDC members access to more than 64 airlines, with published and consolidator program benefits. Since launching the program March 7, the TDC network is already seeing the benefits with greater profit margins and ease of booking, through a proprietary website custom designed for the TDC network, according to a statement from TDC.