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TDC to launch enhanced luxury program at LuxeXpo event on June 22

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  •   06-16-2021  9:18 am
  •   Pax Global Media

TDC to launch enhanced luxury program at LuxeXpo event on June 22
Louise Fecteau, General Manager, Transat Distribution Canada.
Pax Global Media

Transat Distribution Canada (TDC) is inviting the 2,500 travel professionals in its network to discover its enhanced luxury offering during its first-ever luxury event on June 22 from 1-7:00  p.m. (EST).

LuxeXpo, a virtual event exclusively for all TDC travel professionals whether they belong to a franchise, a corporate agency or the agent@home program, will witness the unveiling of the brand new luxury program. 

During this virtual event, all TDC network travel professionals will have the chance to gather information from nearly 60 suppliers from around the world, including top brands hoteliers, cruise lines, tour operators specializing in FIT, as well as Destination Management Companies.

“TDC already has many travel professionals specializing in the sale of luxury products. Numerous statistics show that the luxury travel market will be the one that will experience the highest growth in the short and medium term. Therefore, TDC wanted to better equip its network by enhancing what it already offers and, above all, by making this offer accessible to a greater number of its members through a structured program," said Louise Fecteau, general manager of TDC. 

All the details of the new program will be unveiled to members on June 22, she said. 

"...but I can already say that it will be based on three main pillars: an attractive product offering, a specialized and dedicated training program and effective marketing tools," Fecteau said.  

Fecteau said the new program is "yet another concrete proof" of the TDC network's lasting commitment to the promotion and affirmation of the true value of the travel professional. 

"They will be key players in the recovery of the tourism industry, and this program adds to the wide array of tools developed by TDC that they will be able to take advantage of," she said. 

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