Friday,  December 6, 2019  6:14 am

TDC announces it's looking at credit card financing options

TDC announces it's looking at credit card financing options
Marie-Eve Vallières

For Marie-Eve, who is from Montreal, travel holds no more secrets. Having lived in London and France, she has spent the past nine years quenching her thirst for adventure and discovery. Twenty-nine countries later, Marie-Eve continues to travel the world.

Transat Distribution Canada has announced that it will begin to offer its clients the opportunity to finance an upcoming trip with a credit card.

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The offer is extended to TDC's owned agencies, as well as franchisees and affiliates.

While no official date has yet been announced, it's expected that the service will be launched sometime this fall. TDC has said that it is still in negotiations with several suppliers. 

"Twenty years ago, almost every group had a 'travel now, pay later' card," said Danielle Durocher, national director, franchise and affiliate members. "It disappeared over time, but it's back. Customers and especially agency owners have been asking for it for years. We listened to them."

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