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"Planting seeds for future travel": TPI launches virtual travel series

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  •   02-11-2021  8:20 am
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"Planting seeds for future travel": TPI launches virtual travel series
Zeina Gedeon, CEO, TPI. (Pax Global Media).
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Staying in touch during the pandemic has never been more important, and Travel Professionals International (TPI) has launched a program to make sure advisors can stay connected with their customers. 

Following on the heels of their consumer events in the fall, TPI has recently launched a series of weekly virtual consumer events themed “Keep the Dream of Travel Alive," which runs from Feb. 3 to April 30.

“Continuing our efforts for our advisors to be well-positioned for the reopening of travel, we take this time as an opportunity to foster a stronger relationship with our clients, by engaging them in interactive virtual events and tour the world from the comfort of their homes,” said Zeina Gedeon, TPI’s CEO.

“Our members can now access a turnkey program that would allow them to have meaningful conversations with their valued clients around travel, without a heavy sales push attached.” 

Reigniting business 

With a breadth of supplier partners joining, TPI clients can sign up for multiple sessions over the course of 10 weeks. 

"Our advisors and their clients are embracing these sessions, having completed our second session last night, we are encouraged by the overwhelming support of advisors and over 430 client pre-registrations for just the first two events," Gedeon said. 

“I believe these events will reignite my business,” says Shirley Noel, a TPI Advisor from Manitoba. “It has rekindled the love of travel for my clients, but more importantly it has given them the confidence to know that it will soon be safe to travel again. I had a client very excited to win a door prize at our last event, and he assured me he will be booking very soon for travel in 2022!”

Gedeon added: “We’re planting seeds for future travel, which is great news for us all." 

“Our clients are eager to travel, and our advisors have the tools they need to be poised for future success.”

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