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Nexion Canada provides agents with new platform

Nexion Canada provides agents with new platform

Nexion Canada unveiled myNexion, the host agency’s new technology platform providing Nexion agents with new tools and features.

The new offering, introduced at this year’s CoNexion event in New Orleans, will replace WebView (the former member portal) and incorporates numerous new features and functions, resulting in a best-in-class travel operating system. myNexion is being rolled out in phases over the next six months.

“This year’s CoNexion focuses on ‘thinking big’ and there is nothing bigger in 2017 than our new technology rollout,” said Mike Foster, CTC, president of Nexion Canada. “What our members can expect with myNexion is a sophisticated level of technology that is truly personalized to the individual member. It brings the vast array of our offerings, knowledge, insight and tools into one simple, intuitive platform.”

In July 2017, Nexion Canada introduced the initial offering for myNexion and quickly followed with implementing pinSIGHT 2.0, Travel Leaders Group’s proprietary hotel booking interface. In the coming weeks, all Nexion Canada members will be able to access myNexion’s CRM platform, which will be fully integrated into Travel Leaders Group’s powerful suite of marketing solutions. These solutions include a new consumer website, lead generation tool, and integrated email and direct mail marketing campaigns.

In the beginning of 2018, the final phase of myNexion will be presented: myNexion accounting. Members will be able to use myNexion for all their customer invoicing and accounting needs, including vendor receipts and payments, billing, corporate account management, complete GDS integrations, and much more.

During this year’s CoNexion event, Nexion also recognized several Canadian members at its annual awards.

“Nexion Canada is successful due to its members’ success,” said Mike Foster, CTC, President of Nexion Canada. “Success comes in so many different forms, whether it is sales or helping other members in their businesses. That’s why it is truly an honor to recognize our members with these prestigious awards. As we gather together at CoNexion, it is sincerely inspiring to see all that Nexion Canada agents have accomplished in the last year and will achieve in the coming year.”

Nexion Canada honoured the following recipients:

  • Ambassador Award - Anne Brobyn
  • Circle of Excellence Award - Jen Hardy, Chris McHale, Jennifer Schantz and Dorothy Tam
  • NexionTown Townie of the Year - Bernadette Parrott.
  • Superstar Award - Dorothy Tam
  • Rising Star Award - Gene Jochen
  • Top SNAP! Air Sales Award - Ross Avenell