Thursday,  September 29, 2022  10:47 am

Nexion Canada introduces new training programs for agents

Nexion Canada introduces new training programs for agents

Nexion Canada has announced two new educational training programs for travel agents: a Virtual Campus and an Independent Learner program. Each gives individuals who are new to the travel industry the chance to thoroughly learn the business, in the way that works best for them.

The Virtual Campus and Independent Learner programs both offer best-in-class educational opportunities for prospective travel agents, and attendees can select the program and amount of structure that works the best for their lifestyle.

The Virtual Campus offers participants an online version of a traditional travel school, complete with instructors, classmates, study halls and projects. Each individual is placed into a cohort, and Virtual Campus students meet with their cohort for weekly online study groups throughout four learning modules.

Expert instructors from Nexion Canada guide these with discussions, along with question and answer sessions on each module. In between study groups, Virtual Campus participants complete online lessons at their convenience and Nexion Canada also arranges guest faculty lectures from experts in all segments of the travel industry. An admissions interview is required for entry into the program.

At the end of the Virtual Campus course, attendees will present a business or career plan to the group. The Virtual Campus is designed not only to educate participants about the travel industry, but to prepare them to become independent professional travel agents. Business and career planning components provide each Nexion Canada Virtual Campus attendee the chance to focus on a specific niche or specialization they hope to sell, and identify prospective customers.

The Independent Learner program from Nexion Canada offers greater flexibility and does not require an admissions interview. All of the high-quality eLearn lessons are included, as well as quizzes for the aspiring travel agents to test their understanding and retention of the courses. Nexion Canada instructors are available via email for guidance, and one coaching session is included. Independent Learners can move at their own pace, and the courses are available to them for six months. Since there is no study cohort, Independent Learners have the opportunity to truly learn when and where they want to.

To learn more about these educational opportunities and about becoming a Nexion Canada member travel agent, call 866-399-9989 or email