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How can travel advisors plan a comeback? TPI has released an e-book full of advice

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  •   02-24-2021  8:52 am
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How can travel advisors plan a comeback? TPI has released an e-book full of advice
TPI has released an e-book as part its continued efforts to support its members. (Supplied)
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Travel Professionals International (TPI) has released an e-book as part its continued efforts to support its members. 

"The Future of the Travel Advisor Is Bright: Travel Advisors Guide to Navigating Out of the Crisis," available now for download, is full of practical suggestions and steps for travel advisors to follow as they continue to navigate the COVID-19 storm. 

Now that the immediate crisis of dealing with an onslaught of cancellations and working tirelessly to bring clients home has cooled, TPI is advising its agents to use this time to improve their business and put strategies in place to ensure they stay relevant. 

“Selling travel today is very different than it was pre-pandemic, and as we move out of the pause, it will continue to be different," said Zeina Gedeon, CEO of TPI. "TPI is confident that the travel advisors role will be more critical to the travelling public than ever before! We know that when restrictions start to lift, the floodgates will open and now is the time for you to start planning for the comeback!" 

TPI's e-book is designed with travel advisors in mind, outlining ways that they can put plans in place to come back stronger than ever by following three simple activities:

  • Connect with your clients to stay top of mind
  • Know your value and charge for your time
  • Gain Clarity and Focus for your business

“As a company, we too are following this framework," Gedeon said. "TPI has continued to connect with our network with weekly calls, regional meetings and training. Our Virtual Consumer Event series has been well received by our advisors and their clients, and we are seeing record-breaking registration numbers and seeing bookings as a direct result." 

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TPI's Re•Ignite Sessions with Sandra McLemore have also been a fantastic, free resource that has provided exclusive guidance to TPI advisors in enhancing their knowledge on ways to connect with clients and reignite their business.  

Over the last ten months, TPI has taken time to upgrade, enhance and update its back office, database, and training programs, Gedeon said.  

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All the changes it has made are "to ensure when travel rebounds, our advisors are well equipped with the tools to be successful and optimize the opportunities ahead," Gedeon added. 

TPI says that it has seen a positive increase in its recovery trends, starting in November and peaking in December, with levels slowly returning to December and significant growth in 2022 booking versus 019. 

To download your own copy of the TPI's guide for navigating out of the crisis, visit

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