Tuesday,  October 4, 2022  6:43 pm

Is the grass looking greener elsewhere?

Is the grass looking greener elsewhere?

When it comes to unhappy “marriages” travel agents are no different than anyone else... after a while, the agency they are with may seem less attractive than when they joined.

If you are a home-based agent, you will have a contract with a host agency or company. You may or may not have really read your contract carefully. And you may or may not have given any consideration to the “out” clauses.

Few of us do. When we are getting married, we are not thinking about that, and when we are entering a business partnership, we are in the honeymoon period and we are not thinking of getting out.

The divorce rate in Canada is about 40 per cent... the “divorce” rate for agents and companies has never been measured but it will be up there too. Some agents move around a lot, others stay with a company for 30 years or more, just like marriages.

Everything is always rosy at the start. It is very easy to get into a marriage or a business arrangement, and not always so easy to get out of them. Getting into them is the exciting, seductive part. It is so important to see clearly at this stage. But few of us do.

Is this you?

If you have been feeling dissatisfied lately, you are not alone. A few months or years down the road, we often start to think about getting out, wondering if the grass is greener elsewhere. If that describes you right now, then please consider the following:

  • Are you dissatisfied where you are now?
  • Are you getting your fair share of commission?
  • Have you investigated how to exit your current contract?
  • Are you staying in a less than satisfactory situation because it’s easier?

Maybe it is time to look around and check out some other options. Find out when you can exit your current contract, if there’s a penalty, and if your contract will be automatically renewed and if so, on what date. Make sure you are in a happy business “marriage” and don’t stay for the wrong reasons – there are other options out there!

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