Saturday,  October 1, 2022  4:11 pm

G Adventures welcomes TDC to Special Agent G session

G Adventures welcomes TDC to Special Agent G session
Photo courtesy of G Adventures

G Adventures hosted its second Special Agent G program at its Toronto headquarters last weekend, welcoming 30 Transat Distribution Canada owners and agents from across Canada to the interactive training initiative.

According to G Adventures, the program was developed to “cultivate adventure specialists and to help break down any barriers that prevent agents from selling adventure travel.” In addition to team building activities, training sessions included:

  • How to sell adventure travel
  • Expedition and product overview
  • How agents can grow their business with Groups
  • The power of strong storytelling
  • How agents can build their business with social media
  • Sustainable tourism & Planeterra

The agenda wrapped with a personal address from G Adventures founder Bruce Poon Tip on Sunday. Each participant graduated and received an “Adventure Specialist” certificate and a trip to Cambodia was also awarded to one lucky winner.