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Ensemble launches data monetization tool for tracking booking patterns

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  •   01-25-2022  10:02 am
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Ensemble launches data monetization tool for tracking booking patterns
David Harris, CEO of Ensemble Travel Group. (Supplied)
Pax Global Media

As part of an effort to introduce new technologies to optimize sales and better understand booking patterns, Ensemble Travel Group has launched a Data Monetization Center (DMC).

Bringing the power of digital transformation front and centre for members to power real-time insights, the DMC will enable Ensemble to see industry trend lines early and ensure members can take full advantage of that information.

“In today’s fast paced digital world, understanding data and how it can inform decisions about all aspects of your business from sales and marketing to operations and accounting is critical and becoming more relevant every day,” said David Harris, CEO of Ensemble Travel Group. “We are excited to introduce the Data Monetization Center as we are confident it will be a gamechanger for Ensemble as it allows us to make informed decisions based on real-time information to help us achieve the overall goals of increasing member sales and commissions and, ultimately, making our member businesses more profitable." 

Data can be filtered by categories like preferred and non-preferred suppliers, type of travel, destination locations, and can be compared to goals and targets. 

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It can also highlight areas of opportunity for higher commissions. Agency owners can see their own agency's data as well as an anonymized set of larger data from all the agencies participating. 

A top priority of the DMC is data privacy with data secured and partitioned so that agency owners will only see their own detailed data.

“Previously, we only had the ability to look at business trends in the past,” said Kim Mendes, IT Director, Information Services at Ensemble Travel Group. “And, while that may be good for reconciliation, it didn’t allow us to effectively adapt and make decisions based on current market needs. Now, we can consolidate, analyze, and transform data into actionable insights in real time.”

“When you boil it down to why daily transactional data is important, it allows us to go from being reflective on the past to predictive based on current conditions to being prescriptive to plan for the future."

Ensemble is currently working to onboard members starting with the highest performing agencies. 

The introduction of the Data Monetization Center reflects Ensemble Travel Group’s commitment to providing its members with enhanced technology resources and platforms. 

This includes the June 2021 launch of OneConnect, a customized technology that integrates three booking platforms into one to provide advisors with the ability to access their reservations across all sales channels with one login including access to GDS and supplier reservations.

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