Tuesday,  May 24, 2022  9:05 am

DeNureTours honours top agency partners

DeNureTours honours top agency partners

Maritime Travel NapaneeDeNureTours has honoured their top five performing agency partners.

“We are proud of the relationships we have developed with many travel agents. We felt that after a successful 2015, it was the perfect opportunity to celebrate those who contribute to our success,” Julia Bryan, general manager of DeNureTours, stated in a release on Feb. 29.

CAA Travel Peterborough

The agencies that received an award for 2015 were (in alphabetical order): Breakaway Travel, CAA Travel Orillia, CAA Travel Peterborough, Kemp Travel Group and Year Round Travel. An award for the best performing Group Agent was also presented to Debbie Morgan of Maritime Travel Napanee.

Celebrated agencies were presented with a commemorative plaque.

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