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Demand for self-guided trips has “skyrocketed,” says Exodus; incentives, FAMs unveiled

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  •   06-06-2022  6:53 am
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Demand for self-guided trips has “skyrocketed,” says Exodus; incentives, FAMs unveiled
Pax Global Media

Demand for self-guided trips has sky-rocketed since the start of the pandemic, with Exodus Travels seeing an increase of approximately 20 per cent in inquiries and bookings, and has subsequently answered the call with more than 200 self-guided walking and cycling tours to choose from, adding 100 since March 2020 alone.

Now, the company is inviting their travel agent and industry partners to sell their way onto their own self-guided adventure.

For every traveller an agent partner books onto an Exodus self-guided walking or cycling tour between now and Sept. 30, 2022, for travel at any time, they will receive a $200 travel credit to use towards their own Exodus self-guided trip.

Click here to learn more about the incentive. 

Reconnect with nature

This travel style is spot on for multi-generational travel and families, groups of friends, and those looking to get far from the beaten path and reconnect with nature, at their own pace, and with exactly who they want to be with.

This way of travel allows for a lot of flexibility in terms of dates, booking windows, pace of travel, and activities.

Travellers can adventure at a pace that suits them – whether it’s slow one day and fast the next, or anything in between, the choice is theirs.

This goes for the experiences as well: travellers can pick and choose sightseeing spots as they wish, skipping some to linger over lunch longer, or leaving extra early to fit more in.

Each tour features historic hotels and beautiful local food and wine experiences.

The in-depth trip notes, with kilometre-by-kilometre details, guide travellers throughout their journey, with information such as meal recommendations, best rest spots, excursion routes, and notes on places of interest all included.

Hotel bookings are all done for guests, and Exodus transport the luggage between accommodations, to provide both ease of travel and the high-quality support of local suppliers.

Exodus Travels’ self-guided trips span across Europe as well as a growing list of other destinations including Bermuda.

Click here for more info on self-guided walking tours; learn more about cycling tours here.

Exodus loves agents

Exodus Travels has many upcoming supports in place to help agents experience the Exodus self-guided product, learn more about what makes it different, and tools to help sell more.

Self-Guided Gourmet Walking in Burgundy’s Vineyards Agent FAM: Join Exodus for a self-guided walking agent FAM visiting the gastronomic and wine capitals of Dijon and Beaune. Explore your appetite in this region known for its epicurean finesse, where you can enjoy fine dining, excellent wines, and beautiful walking paths.

Dates: October 3-9, 2022

Sales Training Workshops: Exodus has an ongoing sales training workshop program to support agents.

Workshop calendar: Click here.

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