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CREACTIVE: the beginning of a beautiful friendship

CREACTIVE: the beginning of a beautiful friendship

Xavier Mufraggi, CEO, Club Med North AmericaCREACTIVE is primarily a story of friendship that was born between some members of the Club Med team and Cirque du Soleil.

"This is a great adventure,” explained Xavier Mufraggi, CEO of Club Med North America. “This idea of ​​combining the two brands has been discussed for a long time and we finally met in 2013. Everybody started from this meeting with the desire to find a concept that is easily managed as quickly as possible.”

On June 27, 2014, the CREACTIVE project was initiated and almost one year later on June 15, 2015, guests of Club Med Punta Cana could indulge in activities inspired by Cirque du Soleil.

The decision to base the concept in Punta Cana was simple, according to Mufraggi.

"This is one of our biggest complexes and a symbol of our brand,” he said. “This village is very multicultural with 40 per cent of customers coming from North America, 40 per cent from Europe and the rest from Asia. It allows us to evaluate the differences in understanding of the concept by each global region."

CREACTIVE is part of a ten-year investment plan at Club Med Punta Cana. Carolyne Doyon, VP Canada and Mexico for Club Med, feels that the concept will add enough value to the property to draw new customers.

Carolyne Doyon, VP Canada and Mexico, Club Med “With this concept, we’re offering something unexpected in an all-inclusive, an ode to self-liberation and personal challenge," Doyon said. "Our guests will remember their time here and will share it with those around them or on their social networks. And travel agents now have the ability to surprise even more customers by offering them this experience."

Marie-Josée Lamy, executive director of the hospitality branch of Cirque du Soleil, said the Montreal-based entertainment company supports the brands’ diversification strategy currently in place.

"With the combination of our two brands, we rejuvenate our target and allow Club Med customers to become actors rather than spectators,” she said. “This leaves a strong emotional mark on the person who tries CREACTIVE.”

Marie-Josée Lamy, executive director - hospitality, Cirque du SoleilAccording to Mufraggi, this first CREACTIVE park is just the beginning, as the companies plan to export the concept to other Club Med properties around the world.

"Punta Cana is home to the first child of our partnership, but we do not intend to stop there,” Mufraggi said. “We aim to open five play areas, one on each continent, and even to consider whether the concept is applicable in an indoor setting.”

PHOTO: Carolyne Doyon, VP Canada & Mexico, Club Med; Xavier Mufraggi, CEO, Club Med North America; Marie-Josée Lamy, executive director - hospitality, Cirque du Soleil.

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