Wednesday,  October 21, 2020  5:48 am

Alio Tours sold to Voyages à la Carte

Alio Tours sold to Voyages à la Carte

Quebec-based air consolidator Voyages à la Carte has acquired Alio Tours, has learned.

Gerard Taza is now president of both Voyages à la Carte and Alio, while Alio Founder Eric Johnston takes on the position of executive vice-president.

The change took effect on Nov. 1, 2014, but Johnston said it has been kept under the radar as executives work on new projects. These are expected to come to light sometime in the first quarter of 2015. 

Since the acquisition, operations continue as normal at Alio, with the existing team remaining in place. 

"Alio is a long-standing brand in the industry, particularly as a B2B brand, which is something we were looking to expand on," said Jason Roussakis, owner, Voyages à la Carte and Alio. "Obviously, we thought it would be a good fit, based on their history and the excellent team they have in place. We're definitely looking to do some great things for the industry and help the retail agents get their edge back and compete with OTA distributors currently out there."

"We're definitely going to be competing. What we're doing, we have the best interest of travel agents in mind," Roussakis told PAX.

Stay tuned to as more news is released on the future of Alio.

Photo: Jason Roussakis, owner, Voyages à la Carte & Alio; Gerard Taza, president, Voyages à la Carte & Alio; and Eric Johnston, founder & EVP, Alio