Saturday,  October 1, 2022  5:52 pm

ACV to implement changes following member suggestions

ACV to implement changes following member suggestions
Air Canada Vacations' Travel Advisory Board

More than 20 members from across the country were on hand to provide Air Canada Vacations with feedback during its first in-person Travel Advisory Board meeting, held at its Montreal headquarters.

Representing chains, consortia and independent agencies, the members offered their opinions on the operations affecting travel agents’ business today, including ACV’s call centre, customer support and groups department.

The resounding message was that ACV needs to further educate the industry on the self-help tools available to agents, which members suggested would improve the booking process and lessen hold times on reservation lines. ACV, in response, vowed to provide agents with frequent updates via press releases, LinkedIn and Facebook posts, ACV TIP emails and ACV&ME communication on the self-help tools available and the updates that have been made to the tour operator’s operations. The company will also run training webinars, including tips on navigating its website and booking platforms.

“We have been anticipating this feedback,” said George Platanitis, vice-president, sales and partnerships, Air Canada Vacations. “Give us until Q1 2017 – that is when you are going to see dramatic changes in terms of wait times and servicing. We have made that commitment and we are here to acknowledge your concerns. We know you want to book with us. We appreciate that and we want to make it easier for you.”