Sunday,  October 1, 2023  5:24 am

Mazatlan Presentation Dinner, Montreal

  •   09-27-2023

Mazatlan Presentation Dinner, Montreal
  COMPANY:  Mazatlan Tourism Board
  STARTING:  09-27-2023
  ENDING:  09-27-2023
  CITY:  Montreal
  MANAGER:  Veronica Rivas
Welcome to Mazatlan! The Mazatlan Tourism Board invites you to spend a memorable night learning about what’s new, enjoying a delicious dinner and cocktails and connecting with hotel and airline representatives. At the end of the night, we will play a fun and exciting Mazatlan Bingo with great prizes to win. Our Mazatlan presentation dinners are always fun and exciting. Your MC will be Veronica Rivas, hotel and airline representatives will be confirmed soon. Registration is now open!

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