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Free Webinar - Quebec / One-day excursion from Montréal

  •   12-10-2020

Free Webinar - Quebec / One-day excursion from Montréal
  COMPANY:  Viel Marketing Int'l, Inc.
  STARTING:  12-10-2020
  ENDING:  12-10-2020
  CITY:  Toronto
  PLACE:  Virtual
  MANAGER:  Francois Jean Viel
Montréal is one of the more culturally dynamic and exciting cities in Canada. Many in neighbouring areas will take weekend trips to steal some time in Montréal. There’s a vast big fantastic world out there just beyond Montréal’s borders, and sometimes everyone needs to change it up. With great museums, townships, lakes, and mountain ranges, Montréal is a city boasting one of the most beautiful and exciting surrounding areas in the country. Here are some of the best day trips outside of Montréal.
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