Friday,  October 30, 2020  8:51 pm

El Royale Casino blackjack tournament

  •   12-01-2021 to  12-02-2020

El Royale Casino blackjack tournament
  COMPANY:  El Royale Casino
  STARTING:  12-01-2021
  ENDING:  12-02-2020
  PLACE:  Los Angeles
We are glad to present you a new tournament at an elite online casino. At this event you can play blackjack tournament at El Royale Casino Blackjack Rules Prior to competing at a real money blackjack casino, you’d better get how to succeed in this game, so you can know exactly when to hit, stand, double, or surrender. Also, when one is planning to get engaged in online blackjack for real money, they need to gain some knowledge first about the specific card values in their hand. The cards from two to ten have the respective value, while Queens, Jacks, and Kings count as 10, and the Ace values 11 or 1, which all depends on the hand you hold. In blackjack online games for real money, the card deck is infinite, while if you play blackjack for real money at a physical casino, the shoe from which the dealer gets the cards may contain from 1 to 8 decks. Real Money Blackjack vs. Free Blackjack If one is playing blackjack online for real money the benefit is rather outspoken: they can get some extra cash! But meanwhile, the disadvantage is the possibility to lose real cash if you play real money blackjack badly, or if you’re just unlucky. So, it’s you who has to choose whether to play for fun or for real. Obviously, if you perceive the game as pure entertainment, you’re not going to regret when playing internet blackjack for money, so here you go! Anyway, the possibility of topping up their income with some considerable real wins is constantly luring many punters into playing blackjack online for real money. By contrast, free blackjack offers you the possibility of focusing on your skills before embarking upon some real online blackjack gambling. You can try all blackjack variations absolutely for free at El Royale. Plus, you can enjoy your gaming sessions with 1,000 fun bucks on your game balance. Just practice and learn while playing blackjack for free, and do not risk a single dime of your bankroll! However, this option is ultimately not as rewarding for you as real money blackjack. We are waiting for you on our website! Good Luck!